COSMA — 7th framework EU project

COSMA (Community Oriented Solutions to Minimise Aircraft Noise Annoyance) aims to develop engineering criteria for aircraft design and operations in order to reduce the annoyance within airport communities due to aircraft exterior noise. By today, such criteria do not exist since aircraft noise engineering has historically focused on achieving ever lower noise levels for individual events and at close distance from the runway.

Within the frame of a unique approach, COSMA will improve the understanding of noise annoyance effects due to aircrafts in the airport surrounding community. The results from field studies and psychometric testing will be used for setting up optimised aircraft noise shapes. Special techniques for a realistic synthesis of aircraft noise around airports will be developed for the simulation and validation of optimised aircraft noise shapes. Associated engineering guidelines for the necessary optimisation processes will be established, which needs a profound knowledge management for aircraft design practices and scientific information on aircraft exterior noise annoyance effects. The scientific research results will help to reduce noise annoyance at the source in the future, by technological or operational means and through an improved understanding of the related effects of aircraft noise in the airport surrounding community.

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Cosma is funded under FP7 by the European Comission.

Project reference: 234118

Start date: 01/06/2009

End date: 31/03/2013

Research Area: AREA Green Air Transport Operations, AAT.2008.1.3.2. Airports

Description of Work

Exploitation of earlier EU projects

Addressing remaining questions from COSMA's predecessor SEFA, the successful collaboration among the aircraft noise engineers, sound designers and the noise effects experts is continued, as it is the best possible paradigm ensuring that the work on noise effects is clearly targeted to improve aircraft design and operations and therefore already considers the above described ultimate goal.

Expected Results

The project will produce design criteria and tools, so that the measure of success is really associated with their effective availability at the end of the project. The specific nature of this project makes it difficult to assess the satisfaction of objectives in terms of decibels, still an important expected benefit is that the loose notion of environmental friendliness - that is often used as an expression of the ultimate goal for noise research - will be described in scientific and technical terms able to influence future aircraft designs and operations. 21 partners from 9 European countries are collaborating in COSMA.

Intermediate Results

18 Month Report. Download>>

36 Month Report. Download>>

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