COSMA Workshop, 19 September 2013
organised by X-Noise EV

The achievements of the European project COSMA on community related aircraft noise annoyance will be presented to the broader public audience in a dedicated workshop right after the Internoise Conference 2013 in Innsbruck. The objective is bringing together the community from industries, universities, and governments, involved in the under-standing and study of noise annoyance, but also those affected by noise annoyance, e.g. operators of airports or individual residents.


9:00 Introduction Session

D. Collin (X-Noise Coordinator)

M. Bauer (EADS - COSMA Coordinator)
Workshop Objectives - COSMA Global Achievements

9:30 Session 1 (Chaired by M. Bauer, EADS)

R. Bisping (SASS Consulting)
Measurement Campaigns

K. Janssens (LMS)
Sound Decomposition

F. Marki (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Sound Machine and Tests aimed at optimised aircraft sound

Coffee Break

U. Iemma (Roma Tre University)
Optimized Scenario including Operational and Technology aspects

J. Charvin (Metravib)
Sound Synthesis

C. Lavandier (Cergy-Pontoise University)
Lab Studies: Methodology and Results)

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Session 2 (Chaired by U. Müller, DLR)

U. Muller (DLR)
Field & Telephone Studies Overview

S. Bartels (DLR)
Methodology of Telephone Studies

B. Griefahn (IFADO)
Results of Telephone Studies

S. Bartels (DLR)
Methodology of Field Studies

B. Griefahn (IFADO)
Results of Field Studies

Coffee Break

F. Marki (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Overview of Virtual Resident

K. Bolin (KTH)
Derivation of Moderators for Virtual Resident

F. Marki (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Results of Virtual Resident

15:30 Concluding Session (Chaired by D. Collin)

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The Way forward

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Workshop Location

The workshop will take place in Hotel Grauer Bär (Address: Universitätsstrasse 5-7), Innsbruck, Austria.

Workshop location from close.

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The workshop is supported by the X-NOISE EV Coordination Action and is therefore registration free. Participants should simply indicate their interest in attending the workshop by returning through email the Registration Form below to Dominique Collin, Michael Bauer, Alexis Aubert.

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Organising Committee

Michael Bauer

EADS, Germany

Dominique Collin

SNECMA, France

Uwe Müller

DLR, Germany

Ferenc Márki

BME, Hungary

Umberto Iemma


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