Project coordination

What is going on

The official final project meeting will be held after the public workshop, on 13 March 2013 (venue tbd).

Work done so far

Up to now, 3 amendments were performed successfully. One of those amendments was to extend COSMA’s project duration by 10 months, so the project will end on 31 March 2013. From the overall 74 deliverables, 57 are currently (Dec 2012) delivered and 8 are expected during the next 2 months.

Description of Work

Continuous project coordination will be performed. The main tasks are

  • monitoring of the overall project objectives achievement
  • monitoring of the overall project resources
  • communication between the consortium and the European Commission
  • validation of the project reports
  • preparation and updating of reference schedules and current schedules of the whole project
  • chairing the project steering committee
  • supervising the work of the management team, and in particular coordination with the work package leaders for all progress aspects against the project milestones to ensure that the overall project schedule and objectives are maintained and kept under control
  • organisational and financial implementation of the Project Data Exchange System
  • solving of any financial, administrative or contractual issues or conflicts between partners, when needed
  • contract negotiations with the EC, partners, associated partners and contractors
  • gathering, analysing, verification, consolidation of all the information needed with respect to the steering committee and the European Commission
  • ensuring EC funding transfer to the partnership

For an intensive information exchange among partners — and particularly in-between work packages — a full consortium meeting will be organised each 6 month. In addition, a kick-off meeting as well as a final meeting are organised on consortium level.

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