Specifications, assessment and exploitation

What is going on

WP1 is preparing the Experts Panel interim assessment of project results and developing requirements for the Aviation Noise Knowledge Base concept, including Exchange Mechanism.

Results achieved so far
  • Identification and Validation of operational and airports scenarios to be covered by laboratory testing
  • Aircraft and Powerplant Definitions aimed at the scenarios
  • Literature studies and associated recommendations for moderator variables
  • Public Website established
  • Organization of the Dissemination Workshop
Further actions
  • Develop the Aviation Noise Knowledge Base and associated Exchange Mechanism Demonstrator.
  • Assess the project final results
  • Develop the project Exploitation Plan


WP1 has the following objectives:

  • Develop the general framework for aircraft and powerplant design criteria within an operational context:
  • Identify and validate operational and airport scenarios
  • Identify associated design constraints
  • Recommend moderator variables affecting annoyance around airports, based on literature study, in view of field experiments
  • Specify requirements for an Aviation Noise Impact Knowledge Base and implement Knowledge Base demonstrator, including associated Exchange Mechanism
  • Provide guidance capability to all work packages through the Experts Panel
  • Assess the project interim and final results
  • Develop the project Exploitation Plan
  • Organize the Dissemination Workshop
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